Shoemaking past to present

Portuguese shoe making dates back to the 12th century. Portugal's shoe makers have protected and preserved this time honored industry throughout generations. The Portuguese craftsmen and women are adept at combining heritage, craft and tradition with expertise and modern innovation; here is where we begin our story.

Rua Eduardo Coelho

Historically significant industries in Portugal have long been recognized with the naming of streets to honor their craft

Antiga Rua Dos Sapatieros translates to "Old Shoe Makers Street"

Sapateiro The Shoemaker

Monuments and sculptures can be found throughout Portugal as an hommage to this celebrated industry.

Braga, the third largest city in Portugal and it's surrounding area is where we have chosen to produce our shoes. Returning to where our founder was born and where shoemaking has been an art form for hundreds of years. It is with great pride we place "Made in Portugal" on our collection.